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Award-winning visually configurable CloudGate application for design and deployment

of smart IoT solutions delivering true IoT edge computing.

LuvitRED is Option’s latest enhancement to the CloudGate solution, delivering a
visually configurable agent for design and deployment of smart IoT solutions using
CloudGate wireless gateway devices. LuvitRed overcomes complexities of the
vast variety of protocols used in different IoT verticals and delivers true IoT Edge

With LuvitRED, stable and reliable M2M applications can be built and delivered
faster, with less cost and risk.

Processes that used to take days, weeks and months – even before testing and
review – now take only minutes or hours.

The visual editor of LuvitRED is based on the User Interface from IBM’s Node-Red. The Node-Red server is rewritten in a Lua server called Luvit. Lua is used because it is a lightweight, simple to learn programming language that has an easy to use native C interface that makes integration of C libraries relatively simple. Option has completely redesigned and enhanced the core set of nodes to focus on the ability to rapidly solve common data collection, transmission and control problems found in B2B IoT/M2M applications.

LuvitRED is a substantial time-saver, the need for no or only minimal programming skills means that people designing M2M applications can focus on innovation and delivering business value, rather than technical concerns.

LuvitRED allows people designing M2M applications to focus on innovation and delivering business value, rather than spending time and money on developing proof of concepts.


Based on the Node-RED user interface, LuvitRED enables CloudGate users to rapidly prototype, adapt and deploy innovative M2M solutions via an easy-to-use method of “visual wiring”.


LuvitRED gives Mobile Network Operators(MNOs), resellers/system integrators and IT departments the ability to reduce cost and risk by implementing solutions faster.


LuvitRED helps companies drive greater value from M2M applications. Option is truly delivering on the promise of Smart M2M solutions.
nctionality in a single basic unit. The CloudGate is simple to configure locally or remotely from your PC, tablet or SmartPhone.

Ease of Use

a graphical, “drag and drop” link configuration environment for connecting CloudGate devices

High Performance

with a small memory footprint, LuvitRED is compatible with lightweight, power efficient gateways and helps build responsive M2M apps

Rapid Deployment

once created, a configuration can be deployed with just a few clicks using CloudGate Universe

Comprehensive Node Set

LuvitRED offers a rich set of “nodes” for common M2M gateway devices, including Serial, GPS, MODBUS and more

Multiple Control & Monitoring Points

LuvitRED includes standard protocols such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT, AMQP, MODBUS, BACnet and SNMP and popular cloud AEP systems such as ThingWorx, Axeda, wired sensors, GPIOs and sensor buses such as 1-wire.

No Cost

LuvitRED is part of the standard toolset provided with the CloudGate solution and extends the value of the CloudGate ecosystem


• Enable node status messages
• Import & export nodes from clipboard or library
• Edit / View / Delete configuration nodes
• Create flows and encapsulate in a node
• Add / Delete tabs
• Allows you to download new nodes from our online
LuvitRed repository


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